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Weekend a Napoli organizes for its guests excursions and guided tours along the magnificent territories of the province of Naples. The experience and passion of Paolo and Patrizia will lead you to discover the best attractions in Naples, and will delight you with true Neapolitan life. An exciting and unbelievable experience, you will discover another way to go and be enchanted. Contact us for information.

Weekend a Napoli


The elegant and sophisticated Weekend kitchen in Naples is home to numerous Cooking Courses reserved exclusively for WAN boutique hotel guests. With our Neapolitan Cuisine you can enjoy deliciously prepared dishes such as scarpariello, eggplant parmesan cheese, roasted meatballs at Luciana, potato gateau and much more. Contact us for information and we will be happy to let you know the best dishes of Napoletana.

Weekend a Napoli


During your stay at the WAN Boutique Hotel in Naples, you can follow the Neapolitan Nativity Courses. Paul, creator of the cribs in the structure, will be happy to show you one of the oldest and most famous Neapolitan arts. The service is on request.

Weekend a Napoli


Weekend a Napoli offers a tasty and relaxing breakfast in private rooms, each with its own buffet. Savor the classic Italian breakfast with homemade artisan products, from apples to homemade cookies. Particular attention is given to the Neapolitan excellence as “pastiera“. We organize personalized breakfasts on request, there is an extra charge for the possibility of having breakfast in the room.

Weekend a Napoli


​Discover Naples, within a few hours, through “Vomero hill” a small town in the city that unfolds from the far Naples harbor. Looking up, you can not escape the majesty of the white structure of Certosa di San Martino that stands on the hill and guardd of the most ancient and monumental Napoleon’s crib in the world, a unique place that can be reached from Porto within minutes of the Town Hall station of Metro Line 1 Piazza Vanvitelli, via Toledo with the central funicular up to Piazza Fuga, Chiaia with the funicular to Cimarosa station. Castel Sant’Elmo enjoys a unique panorama of the whole bay. The Castle and the nearby Carthusian are pearls of architecture and art. Today’s Vomero is a residential district, full of palaces and Liberty style villas, with an outdoor shopping center in a large pedestrian area where it is easy to find some of the finest brands. Between a visit to the castle and an excursion to a museum you can relax with a walk in Villa Floridiana the most beautiful city park. Green paths, centenary plants and a belvedere that opens the sight that for beauty seems to be visited by gods.

Weekend a Napoli


The Weekend a Napoli offers Tranfer Service for airports, stations, short or long journeys by providing the customer with a car, taxi or minivan with driver. The service is chargeable and on reservation. For further information, please call +39 0815781010 or +39 3381831310.


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